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Physical Quality Evaluation Laboratory

The Physical Quality Evaluation Laboratory of NITRA has a wide variety of sophisticated instruments to test the following:
Automotive textiles,
Non-Woven fabrics,
Geo Textiles,
Medical Textiles and other textile materials.
Major instruments:
HVI900- Spinlab
Digital Microscope Systems-Zeiss
Digital Fibrograph-Spin Lab
Brush Pilling Tester-SDL  Atlas
Uster Tensorapid -4
Uster Tester 5 SA 400
Port-ar, Spinlab
Trash Analyser-Statex
UV Check light
Vibroscope-400, Lenzing, Austria
Vibrodyn-400 Lenzing, Austria
Vibrotex-300 Lenzing, Austria
NITRA Friction Tester
Lea strength Tester
Electronic Twist Tester-Statex
UTM-350; SDL, UK
Constant Tension Transport, LHI-USA
Laser Spot Hariness Tester, Keisokki
Electronic Inspection Board, Lawson-Hemphill-USA
Thickness Tester
GSM Cutter
Crimp Tester
Tensile Strength Tester,
Elmendorf Tear  Tester, Textest-Switzerland
Prolific Bursting Strength Tester
Universal Wear Tester; CSI; USA
Martindale Abrasion Cum Pilling  tester, SDL;UK
Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester, SDL -UK
ICI Pilling Box (Tumble Type)
Cusic  Drape Tester-James H. Heal r
Air Permeability Tester-WIRA
Crease Recovery Tester
ROTHSCHILD  Static  Voltmeter ;Model-R-4021; Switzerland
Stiffness Tester, SDL; UK
Tuft withdrawal Tester SDL; U.K
ICI Mace Snag Tester; SDL -ATLAS
For test parameters and other details
Latest news
NITRA to intensify its R&D and other services for Indian Textile & Clothing industry
NITRA Scientist presents a paper on “Manufacture, Properties and Applications of Sewing Threads”
NITRA Publishes second revised edition of a booklet on “FAILURE MODE AND EFFECT ANALYSIS (FMEA)”
NITRA Publishes second revised edition of a TABLet on “Glass Threads”
NITRA Publishes second revised edition of a TABLet on “Zippers”
Testing charges of PPE kit
Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India approves NITRA for conducting Synthetic Blood Penetration Test for Body coveralls for COVID 19
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Recognizes NITRA for Testing of “Coveralls Meant for COVID-19 Healthcare Workers to ensure Quality and Patient Safety” As per IS 17423:2020
NITRA Establishes Microbiology Lab !!!
Testing Facility at NITRA for Antimicrobial Testing
Photo / Video Gallery
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