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Patents Obtained and Filed

Patents obtained:
A hank dryer – Indian Patent no. 197 543 (87/DEL/2003) granted in the name of Northern India Textile Research Association (inventor:  Sri D.K. Bhattacharaya) on 29th December, 2006
A process for the treatment of textile industries effluent to obtain clear effluent – Patent (Application no. 708/DEL/2000) granted in the name of Northern India Textile Research Association on 8th Feb. 2006 (IPN awaited)
A process for the treatment of yarn/fabric (textile materials) having UV radiation/protection and flame resistant properties – (Application No. 110/DEL/2002, 13.02.2002) Patent granted in the name of NITRA (inventor : Dr. M.S. Parmar) on 19.03.2008, Patent No. 216779 
A Draftometer – Patent No. 221976 granted (Application no. 1189 / DEL/2002, dt. 26.11.2002) on 12.07.08 (inventors: Dr. A. Das, Shri Vikas Sharma and Shri Pankaj Yadav)
A compact indigo dyeing device for dyeing a thread flock – Indian Patent no. 222432 (23/DEL/2001) granted in the name of Northern India Textile Research Association (inventor: Dr. M. S. Parmar) on 08.08.2008
Patent No. 244569 (Application No. 218/DEL/2004, 16.02.2004) granted on 10.12.2010 for “An instrument to measure linear density of continuous elastane threads and strands”. Patentee : NITRA (Sri Neeraj Agarwal & Dr. J.V. Rao)
An apparatus to determine heat and light cutting ability of curtains (inventor: Dr. M.S. Parmar), Patent 350763 dt. 3.11.2020
A  process for fiber extraction from Pine Needles (Perul)(Patent no. 355691 dt. 12.1.21) (inventors: Shri Ajay Tamta, Ms. Shweta Chauhan and Dr. Arindam Basu)
  A short manufacturing process for semi-finished and/or finished products using a loom, Patent no. 357432 dt. 1.2.2021 (inventors: Dr. J.V. Rao & Shri A.K. Pandey)
An apparatus to determine smoothness of a sheeting material (Inventor: Dr. M. S. Parmar), Patent  no. 380915, dated 07.07.2015
Patents filed:
A device for measuring frictional characteristics – application no. 1188/DEL/2002, 26.11.2002 applied in the name of Northern India Textile Research Association (inventors: Dr. A. Das and Shri Vikas Sharma).   
An attachment for shuttleless rapier loom for reducing selvedge waste, Provisional patent application no. 1856/Del/2011 dt. 30.6.11, (inventor: Shri A.K. Pandey)

An apparatus to determine dust resistance characteristics of sheeting
Material   (Inventors: Dr. M. S. Parmar & Ms. Shweta Saxena) Patent   
application number: 201711002704 dated 24.01.2017)

Method of manufacturing thermal barrier or liner using roving woven
material (Inventors: Dr. M.S. Parmar, Mr A.K. Pandey, Ms. Shweta Chauhan
and Ms. Nidhi Sisodia)Patent application no. 201711010197 dt. 23.03.2017

Extraction of textile fibers from corn husk (Inventor: Dr. M.S.Parmar & Ms.     
Nidhi Sisodia)Patent application no. 201711039937 dt. 09.11.2017

Extraction of fibres from Kanghi or Atibala plant (Abutilon Indicum) using  
retting process” (Inventor: Dr. M.S. Parmar, Ms. Nidhi Sisodia and Vinay), 
Patent Application No. 201811047418 dt. 14.12.2018

A water saving hank dyeing machine for dyeing textile yarns (Inventor: Dr.  
M.S.Parmar) Patent Application No. 201911015524 dt. 18.04.2019

A stretchable composite embroidery thread, (Inventor: Shri Neeraj Agarwal, 
Dr. M.S. Parmar and Shri Vivek Agarwal) Patent Application No.  
201911016309 dt. 24.04.2019

A compressed air monitoring system to optimize energy consumption in a 
textile mill, (Inventor: Shri Vikas Sharma and Shri Paurush Godhar) Patent  
Application No. 201911016310 dt. 24.04.2019

Method of preparing flexible impact and stab resistance material, Patent  
Application No. is 201911030134 dt. 25.07.2019 (Inventors: Dr M.S. Parmar,  
Neha Kapil and Nidhi Sisodia)

A process for preparing water repellant milkweed floss/fibre for preserving thermo-regulatory property thereof, Patent Application No. is       
202111055410 dt. 30.11.2021 (Inventor: Dr M.S. Parmar)
An apparatus to determine Air Pollutant Gas Adsorption Capability of Fabric, Patent Application No. is   202111062044 dt. 31.12.2021 (Inventors: Dr. Arindam Basu and Dr M.S. Parmar)
A process for preparation of regenerated bamboo fibre  from indigenous bamboo, Patent Application No. is   20211029728 Dt. 24.05.2022 (Inventors: Dr. Arindam Basu and Dr. Nidhi Sisodia)
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