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Patents Obtained and Filed

Patents obtained:
A hank dryer – Indian Patent no. 197 543 (87/DEL/2003) granted in the name of Northern India Textile Research Association (inventor: Sri D.K. Bhattacharaya) on 29th December, 2006
A process for the treatment of textile industries effluent to obtain clear effluent – Patent (Application no. 708/DEL/2000) granted in the name of Northern India Textile Research Association on 8th Feb. 2006 (IPN awaited)
A process for the treatment of yarn/fabric (textile materials) having UV radiation/protection and flame resistant properties – (Application No. 110/DEL/2002, 13.02.2002) Patent granted in the name of NITRA (inventor : Dr. M.S. Parmar) on 19.03.2008, Patent No. 216779
A Draftometer – Patent No. 221976 granted (Application no. 1189 / DEL/2002, dt. 26.11.2002) on 12.07.08 (inventors: Dr. A. Das, Shri Vikas Sharma and Shri Pankaj Yadav)
A compact indigo dyeing device for dyeing a thread flock – Indian Patent no. 222432 (23/DEL/2001) granted in the name of Northern India Textile Research Association (inventor: Dr. M. S. Parmar) on 08.08.2008
An instrument to measure linear density of continuous elastane threads and strands, Patent No. 244569 (Application No. 218/DEL/2004, 16.02.2004)granted on 10.12.2010 Patentee: NITRA(Shri Neeraj Agarwal & Dr. J.V. Rao)
An apparatus to determine heat and light cutting ability of curtain(inventor : Dr. M.S. Pramar), Patent 350763 dt. 3.11.2020
A process for fiber extraction from Pine Needles(Perul)(Patent no. 35569 dt. 12.1.21) (inventors: Shri Ajay Tamta, Ms. Shweta Chauhan and Dr. Arindam Basu)
A short manufacturing process for semi-finished and/or finished products using a loom Patent no. 357463 dt. 1.2.2021 (invertors: Dr. J.V Rao & Shri A.K. Pandey)
Patents filed:
A device for measuring frictional characteristics – application no. 1188/DEL/2002, 26.11.2002 applied in the name of Northern India Textile Research Association (inventors: Dr. A. Das and Shri Vikas Sharma).
An attachment for shuttleless rapier loom for reducing selvedge waste, Provisional patent application no. 1856/Del/2011 dt. 30.6.11. (inventor: Shri A.K Pandey)
Smoothness Tester for textile sheeting materials(Inventor: Dr. M.S Pramar), Patent application number: 2053/DEL/2015 dated 07.07.2015)
An apparatus to determine dust resistance characteristics of sheeting Material (Inventors: Dr. M.S Parmar & Ms. Shweta Saxena) Patent application number:201711002704 dated 24.01.2017)
Method of manufacturing thermal barrier or liner using roving woven material (Inventor: Dr. M.S Parmar, Mr. A.K PAndey, Ms. Shweta Chauhan and Ms. Nidhi Sisodia) Patent application no. 201711010197 dt. 23.03.2017
Extraction of textile fibers from corn husk (Inventor: M.S Parmar & Ms. Nidhi Sisodia) Patent application no. 201711039937 dt. 09.11.2017
Extraction of fibers from Kanghi or Atibala plant (Abutilon Indicum)using retting process"(Inventor: Dr. M.S Parmar, Ms. Nidhi Sisodia and Vinay), Patent Application No. 201811047418 dt. 14.12.2018
A water saving hank dyeing machine for dyeing textile yarns(Inventor: Dr. M.S Parmar)Patent Application No. 201911015524 dt. 18.04.2019
A stretchable composite emposite embroidery thread, (Inventor: Shri Neeraj Agarwal, Dr. M.S Parmar and Shri Vivek Agarwal) Patent Application No. 201911016309 dt. 24.04.2019
A compressed air monitoring system to optimize energy consumption in a textile mill, (Inventor:Shri Vikas Sharma and Shri Paurush Godhar)Patent Application No. 201911016310 dt. 24.04.2019
Method of preparing flexible impact and stab resistance material, Patent Application No. is 201911030134 dt. 25.07.2019. (Inventors: Dr M.S. Parmar, Neha Kapil and Nidhi Sisodia)
Latest news
NITRA to intensify its R&D and other services for Indian Textile & Clothing industry
Ajay Tamta, Minister of State for Textiles motivating NITRA, visits twice in two months
Workshop on “Scientific Selection and Recruitment of Workforce” at NITRA
NITRA Scientist presents a paper on “Manufacture, Properties and Applications of Sewing Threads”
Training Program on Quality Evaluation of Textiles
NITRA Publishes second revised edition of a booklet on “FAILURE MODE AND EFFECT ANALYSIS (FMEA)”
NITRA organizes An Awareness Program on ISO 9001:2015
NITRA Publishes second revised edition of a TABLet on “Glass Threads”
NITRA Publishes second revised edition of a TABLet on “Zippers”
NITRA, NISTI and Institute of Engineers (Delhi Chapter) organize a presentation on “Personal Protection Textiles”
NITRA launches Distance Learning Certificate Program on “Environment Technology and Management”
Online Summer Training Programs for textile and fashion students
Online Summer Training with Internship for IT & Computer Students
Testing charges of PPE kit
Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India approves NITRA for conducting Synthetic Blood Penetration Test for Body coveralls for COVID 19
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Recognizes NITRA for Testing of “Coveralls Meant for COVID-19 Healthcare Workers to ensure Quality and Patient Safety” As per IS 17423:2020
Industrialist Shri Dinesh Nolkha Takes Over as NITRA’s New Chairman
NITRA Establishes Microbiology Lab !!!
Testing Facility at NITRA for Antimicrobial Testing
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