The library has a premises of its own in the new building, equipped with printed and digital resources, with dedicated computers to provide on-line access to library resources.


The library has developed a specialized collection of books, journals, reports and e-journals on Engineering and Management with specialized focus on textiles and allied subjects through subscription and exchange basis as follows

Complementary Books1144
Journals – Subscribed60
Journals – Complementary80
Bound Journals1630
Project reports250

Digital Library

e-Journals :
The digital library subscribes to five core e-databases on Engineering and Management and provides access to the following e-journals :
J-Gate (Engineering)
J-Gate (Management)

Library Services

Online Catalogue (OPAC) :
Library collection is computerized and the online catalogue provides bibliographic information about the holdings of the library.
OPAC informs users about new books and journals added to the library collection.
Members can check details of the borrowed books.
Wi-Fi networking provides its users access to internet.

Print Journals

The names of the print journals subscribed can be browsed under print journals (subscribed) and the names of the journals received on complementary basis can be browsed under print journals complementary.

NITRA Publications

NITRA is actually involved in research and consultancy and publishes its own work based on projects, workshops and seminars. These publications are listed in a printed catalogue and can also be browsed under NITRA Publications.

Institutional Membership

British Council Division, New Delhi.
Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi

    Centre for Academic Partnership (CAP)

    The library continues to promote its academic interaction with academic institutions by making its resources and services available under “Centre for Academic Partnership” scheme.

    Photocopy facility

    Is provided within the library premises on nominal rates.

    Library Timings

    Library remains open Monday – Saturday (except II and IV Saturdays and all national holidays). The library also remains open on II and IV Sundays to provide service to its staff members and students of DLP courses.