Dr. Arindam Basu

Director General

Dr. Arindam Basu, Director General, working with NITRA since March 2014. Also he is working as Director, NITRA Technical Campus, since then. A Ph.D. from University of Leeds, UK, worked as Director of CSTRI, Bangalore & SITRA Coimbatore before this assignment.

Experience: 40+ years

Qualification:B.Sc.Tech. (Text.Tech.), M.Text., Ph.D., PGDBIM, FIE, FSAB, FTA

Dr. M.S.Parmar


Dr. M.S.Parmar, Director, working at NITRA for the last 28 years in various capacities. He is heading Chemical Quality Evaluation Division and coordinating COE-PROTECH activities. His main areas of expertise are Textile Chemistry, Protective Textiles, unconventional fibres and Quality Control of Textiles. Besides this, he is also looking after Heat & Fire Laboratory and Chemical Laboratory.

Experience: 28+ years

Qualification:M.Sc., Ph.D., PGDMM, DCPA

Sr. No Name of Employee Designation Qualification
1 Dr. Arindam Basu Director General B.Sc.Tech. (Text.Tech.), M.Text., Ph.D., PGDBIM, FIE, FSAB, FTA
2 Dr. M.S.Parmar Director M.Sc., Ph.D., PGDMM, DCPA
3 Mr. Vivek Agarwal Deputy Director B.Tech., PGDBM, MS (by Research)
4 Dr. B.K. Sharma Assistant Director M.Sc., M.Tech.(IT), Ph.D., SMCSI, FIETE, MIAE, MCSTA, SMIACIT
5 Mr. M.M.Tiwari Assistant Director B.Sc., Dip. in Text.
6 Mr. R.K. Gaur Assistant Director B.Text., Dip. in Mgmt., Dip. in TQM&ISO 9000, Dip. in Prodn.Mgt.,PGDMM, MIE
7 Mr. Sanjeev Shukla Assistant Director B.Sc., B.Text., M.Tech., PGDBM
8 Mr. K.K. Dewan Principal Scientific Officer PGDBM, M.Sc.(Comp.Sc.). BHM, e-Commerce
9 Dr. Neha Kapil Principal Scientific Officer M.Sc. (Textile & Clothing), M.Phil, Ph.D
10 Dr. Shweta Saxena Principal Scientific Officer M.Sc.(Textile & Clothing), M.Phil, Ph.D
11 Mr. Kushagra Prakash Principal Scientific Officer B. Text(Text. Tech),M.F Tech(Apparel Prodn.)
12 Mr. Vikas Sharma Principal Scientific Officer B.E. (Mech.), Adv.Dip. in MM&CM, BEE Cert. Energy Auditor
13 Mr. Avnish Kumar Sharma Senior Scientific Officer M.Sc., Dip. in Op. Mgt., PGD in Comp. Progr., MCA
14 Mr. Lalit Giri 
Senior Scientific Officer B.E in Textile Technology
15 Mr. M.K.Bansal Senior Scientific Officer Dip. in Text.Tech., MBA
16 Dr. Nidhi Sisodia Senior Scientific Officer M.Sc., M.Tech., Ph.D. (Text.Chem.)
17 Dr. Preeti Kaur Sachdeva Senior Scientific Officer Ph.D., M.Sc. (Fabric & Apparel Science)
18 Ms. Archana Gangwar Senior Scientific Officer M.Tech. (Polymer Tech.), B.Tech. (Man-made Fibre Tech.)
19 Mrs. Annu Kumari Scientific Officer M.Sc.Tech. (Env. Science & Tech.), PGDM-DLP/HB in Business Admn., PGDM-DLP/HB in Marketing Mgt., Dip. in Computer Applications
20 Mr. Pankaj Kumar Scientific Officer B.Tech. (Textile Chemistry), M.Tech. (Textile Chemistry),
21 Mr. Ravi Sonkar Scientific Officer Diploma in Textile technology, B.Tech (Textile Engg.), M.Tech (Textile Tech.)
22 Mr. Kuldeep Yadav Scientific Officer M.Tech. (Fibres and Textiles Processing Tech.), B.Tech. (Textile Chemistry)
23 Mr. Partha Basu Public Relations Officer B.Com., PGD Advtg. & Mktg. Mgmt.
24 Mr. Atul Baijal Deputy Manager (Accounts) M.Com, LL.B, MBA
25 Mr. Sachin Bhatt Senior Accounts Officer Chartered Accountancy
26 Mr. Anil Kumar Pandey Project Manager B.Text (Text. Tech)
27 Mr. Kuldeep Singh Junior Scientific Officer M.Sc., PG Dip. In QC & ISO 9000, ATA
28 Mr. Swami Sharan Junior Scientific Officer M.Sc.(Chem.), ATA
29 Mr. Sanjay Gupta Junior Scientific Officer M.Sc.
30 Mr. Adarsh Gautam Junior Scientific Officer B.Tech. (Textile Technology)
31 Mr. Abbas Raza Asstt. Librarian B.Sc., M.A.,  DPA, PGDCA, MLISC
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