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Heat & Flame Testing Laboratory

The Heat & Flame Testing Laboratory of NITRA has a wide variety of sophisticated instruments to test the following for heat, flame and safety related characteristics:
Personal Protective Clothing,
Automotive Fabrics,
Floor Coverings,
Fabric supplies to Railways
Major instruments:
Radiant Heat Tester
Heat Transmission Tester
Molten Metal splash tester
Automatic flammability tester for vertically oriented samples
Vertical flammability tester
Horizontal flammability tester
Inclined flammability tester
Toxicity tester
Automatic Limiting Oxygen Index tester
Retro reflectance & Spectrophotometer tester (High Visibility Clothing Testing Equipment)
Weld spatter impact tester
Contact heat tester
Electric resistivity tester
Smoke Visibility Test Apparatus
Fire resistance tester
For test parameters and other details
Latest news
NITRA to intensify its R&D and other services for Indian Textile & Clothing industry
NITRA Scientist presents a paper on “Manufacture, Properties and Applications of Sewing Threads”
NITRA Publishes second revised edition of a booklet on “FAILURE MODE AND EFFECT ANALYSIS (FMEA)”
NITRA Publishes second revised edition of a TABLet on “Glass Threads”
NITRA Publishes second revised edition of a TABLet on “Zippers”
Testing charges of PPE kit
Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India approves NITRA for conducting Synthetic Blood Penetration Test for Body coveralls for COVID 19
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Recognizes NITRA for Testing of “Coveralls Meant for COVID-19 Healthcare Workers to ensure Quality and Patient Safety” As per IS 17423:2020
NITRA Establishes Microbiology Lab !!!
Testing Facility at NITRA for Antimicrobial Testing
Photo / Video Gallery
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