Technical consultancy is one of the important aspects of NITRA’s multifarious activities. NITRA provides assistance to the industry in the form of quality and cost effective technical consultancy for resolving their operational problems. Major areas in consultancy services offered:
Production & Quality Management
Implementation of Maintenance Management System in Spinning Mill
Setting Drive for Improvement in Productivity
Setting Drive for Improvement in Quality
Diagnostic Survey and Remedies on Various Problems of Spinning Mills
Productivity/Quality Management in Loom Shed
Techno-Economic Viability Study/Performance Audit of Textile Mills
ISO 9000 Quality Management System
Total Quality Culture (TQC)
Parivartan Through Kaizen Approach
Costs of Quality
Total Productive Maintenance
World Class Manufacturing (WCM)
Setting up/Upgradation of Q.C. Lab
Adhoc Technical Consultancy
Analysis of Fabric Defect
SA 8000 - Social Accountability System
Valuation of Assets
Energy Management
Electrical Energy & Safety Audit
Thermal Energy Audit
Thermal Insulation Audit
Power Quality Audit
D.G. Audit
Automation & Modification
Steam Trap Maintenance Audit
Humidification Audit
Industrial Furnace Audit
Environmental Management
Package Design Consultancy on Recovery or Treatment for Textile Effluent
Other Services in the Field of Environmental Management
Human Resource Management
Long Term Training Package
Redeployment Training Module
Training System Audit
Assessment of Worker’s Turnover & Absenteeism
Development of Video Film on various Job Operations
Man Power Rationalization & Work-Load Studies
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