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Sewing Needles

About this TABlet...
The sewing needle plays an important role in making finished articles durable, pleasing and attractive. Poor needle selection mar the seam appearance, seams durability and productivity of the stitching process. In addition, it also damages fabric and thread. Poor quality/size/style of the sewing needle are some of the major causes for skipped stitches and severe thread breakage during sewing. Therefoe, it is necessary to know the various aspects of sewing needles, which are described in this booklet. The contents are:
Anatomy of machine needle
Needle manufacturing
Characteristics of needle and its numbering systems
Types of needles
Classification of round points and cutting points of needle
Designation system of needles
Method to replace needle in a lockstitch machine
Problems caused by needle during sewing
Position and description of eccentric points of needle
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