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UV Protection Evaluation

About this TABlet...
Care label is vital to consumer to the extent that it may influence the purchase decision. The care label contains information on how to take care of the apparel. This TABlet contains information on care labels, their symbols and written instructions as indicated in ISO 3758:2005 and ASTM 05489 standards. This information may be very useful to apparel manufacturers, exporters, importers, retailers, professionals as well as the students. The contents are:
Care label, Basic care label symbols
Dot(s) and Bar(s) under the basic symbol
Dot(s) and Bar(s) added together, "X" over symbol
Care symbols for washing, bleaching, drying, ironing, drycleaning, size and colour of care label
Care label symbols just on the packaging
Textile wearing apparel to be labeled
Use of additional words with the symbols
Information not required on care label symbols
Care instructions don't work
International standards on care labels
Information required on care label
Examples of care labels
Definitions of some typical terms
International practices in care labeling
Latest news
Photo / Video Gallery
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